The amount of the salaries in Bulgaria is determined according to the duration of work or according to the results of work.

The gross salary is the basic salary plus any additional remuneration to it. This is the total amount of money that is charged per employee for certain period and is reported in the pay roll.

Net wage is the amount of money paid to the employee. It is calculated by deduction of all levies of the gross salary – for personal insurance contributions of the person, for income tax and others in accordance with Bulgarian law.

The government determines the minimum monthly wage in Bulgaria. Since 01.01.201it is in the amount of 560 BGN (= 286 €). Accordingly, the minimum hourly wage is 3.37 BGN (= 1.72 €), for normal duration of working time – 8 hours, 5 days a week.

The minimum monthly wage will continue to increase – to 610 BGN (= 311 €) from 2020 and to 650 BGN (= 332 €) from 2021.

For the purposes of international exchange of tax information, companies-employers provide information on income for wages and dividends, accrued and/or paid in favor of foreign individuals who are residents of another Member State of the EU.

This information shall be provided to the Bulgarian tax authorities within March 15 of the year, following the year of accrual and/or payment of income.

In case that the company fails to present the information on time, as well as if there is an indication of incorrect data, a fine of 250 BGN (= 128 €) shall be imposed, separately for each person.


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