We offer the quickest and secure service for registering Bulgarian trading companies. Our team experts is offering assistance to foreign investors who have decided to work in Bulgaria, as well as those who are looking to optimise their tax and insurance costs in their respective countries.

Our “Company – Fast” package offers the fastest, most secure services, including:

  1. Registration of Ltd.
  2. Opening of bank accounts
  3. Preparation of the company seal
  4. Providing the address and seat of the company
  5. Registration of the VAT company
  6. Full accounting service from highly-qualified accountants

After contacting KGMP, you will be emailed a form that should take no more than five minutes of your time. Please provide the name of your company, activity in question, partners and managers, and whether you are looking for a business address.

We prepare all of the necessary documents for you to sign via email. It also is possible for KGMP to register your company before arriving in Bulgaria.

The “Company – Fast” package includes state fees and our remuneration. KGMP’s company registration is an affordable option, and includes the state fee and our remuneration. Like all of our services, there are no hidden fees and you will always be informed about costs in advance.

If you use our package “Company – fast“ you obtain special prices with discount

  • for monthly legal services.
  • for obtaining residency permit

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