• Commercial companies, associations of commercial entities – consortia, holding structures, etc.;
  • Registrations of branches, commercial representations and subsidiaries of foreign companies;
  • Registrations and representation before the relevant Bulgarian institutions (Registry Agency, National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.);
  • Registration of changes in the status of listed entities;
  • Transformation and reorganization of commercial companies (including acquisition of shares and shares, mergers and acquisitions of commercial companies);
  • Transfer of commercial enterprises;
  • Registration of merchants and commercial companies;
  • Publication of annual financial statements and announcement of acts in the Commercial Register, retention of a company;
  • Complete legal servicing of corporate clients;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents – policies, rules, sample models in relation to the protection of personal data /bringing the activity into compliance with the GDPR/;
  • Complete registration of different types of medical establishments – individual and group practices, medical/technical laboratories;

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