The Withdrawal Agreement envisages a transition period until 31 December 2020 after Brexit during which the UK nationals in Bulgaria and their family members must take some actions to continue their legal stay in the country.

If you are a UK citizen or the family member of a UK national and want to arrange your residence in Bulgaria after Brexit please take into consideration the following rules:

  • UK citizens who have already submitted an Application for long-term or permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria for UK nationals and their family members

They must visit the Emigration Office and sign a computer generated application for the issuance of new kind of residency ID card.

The Emigration Office requires fingerprints, passport photos and signatures in order to make a residence document. The new ID card will be issued within a period of 30 days. As well, there is a fast service for 3 days.

  • UK citizens whose residence document expires in the period 13 March – 31 October 2020 and need a new one for provision to other authorities and/or for purposes non-related to the regime of residence in Bulgaria (e.g. to register a car, enroll in a university, substitute driving license, etc.)

They have to submit an Application for long-term or permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria for UК nationals and their family members. We can help you to prepare and submit this application with all the necessary documents to the Emigration Office.

  •  UK citizens who have arrived or will arrive in Bulgaria during the transition period until 31 December 2020

They have to visit the Emigration Office within 3 months period after entering Bulgaria but no later than 31 December 2020. Please do not wait until the very last few days in order to avoid long waiting in the queue.

  •  All other UK citizens who reside in Bulgaria

You have to visit the Emigration Office until the expiry date of the validity of your residence document or up to 1 year after the end of the transition period – whichever comes first.

However, please keep in mind that because of the epidemiological situation in Bulgaria there are limitations of the number of people who can visit the Emigration Office and there is a long queue waiting outside.

We can help you to apply for Bulgarian residency, collect all necessary documents, submit them at the Emigration Office and receive your new Bulgarian ID residence card.

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