Foreigners and foreign legal entities may establish a trade representative office in Bulgaria. The registration of trade representative office of a foreign company is one of the cheapest and relatively faster options for foreign citizens to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria.

According to the Bulgarian law, the trade representative office is not a legal entity. It can’t perform any business activities, i.e. sales and purchases. It may only organize promotions, exhibitions, training or advertising of products or services. In case you want to carry out business in Bulgaria we advise you to set up a limited liability company or a joint stock company.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the official authority to register Trade Representation Offices of foreign entities opened in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The necessary documents for trade representative office registration are as follows:
  • Certificate of Good Standing or other document certifying that the foreign person has the right to do business in its home state. The document must be issued no earlier than 6 months prior to its submission to BCCI. If the official document does not contain information about the legal representatives of the foreign company, a second official document shall be presented, certifying the persons representing and managing the foreign entity;
  • certificate from the relevant tax authority or other document certifying that the foreign person does not have any public debts, such as taxes and social security contributions;
  • decision by the foreign person to establish a trade representative office in Bulgaria;
  • notary certified signature sample of the manager of the trade representative office;
  • notary certified power of attorney, issued by the legal representatives of the foreign company towards the person, who will open and manage the trade representation in Bulgaria;
  • Annual Financial Statement or Tax Return for the past 2 years;
  • Annual work programmes for the current and next calendar years with the planned activities of the representation office and for execution of the set goals and tasks;
  • notary certified rental contract or a document, which proves that you have a property in Bulgaria, which to be used as an official address of registration of the trade representative office;
  • declaration that the data of the foreign entity included in the Registration Card are true and correct;
  • bank receipt evidencing the payment of the statutory fee for the trade representative office registration.

Bear in mind that the abovelisted official documents should be issued by the competent authorities of your country. For the country, which signed the Hague Convention you can get an apostille. If the document is issued by a country which has a Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement with the Republic of Bulgaria and bears an original signature and stamp of the respective competent authorities, it does not require any further certifications but only needs to be accompanied by a legalized translation into Bulgarian language.  For all other countries there is a special procedure. Please note, that the documents should be officially translated and legalized in Bulgaria.

Once the set of necessary documents is ready, we will submit them before the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The BCCI issues a certificate for the registration. As well, a registration at the Bulgarian BULSTAT registry should be performed. After that we can initiate the procedure of obtaining residence permit in Bulgaria.

If you want to set up a trade representative office in Bulgaria, our team will support and advise you at every stage of the registration process. We also offer competitive prices with no hidden fees.

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