The team of Kancheff, Gicheva, Marnikas & Partners Law Firm provides various legal services related to nonprofit law.

We offer our clients legal advice and assistance for:
  • Registration of associations
  • Registration of foundations
  • Entry of changes in the status of non-profit legal entities (associations and foundations) – changes in the statutes or articles of association, changes in the governing bodies, change of seat and address of management, etc.
  • Preparation and holding of general meetings of associations and foundations, as well as participation in general meetings as proxies of their members
  • Pre-registration of non-profit legal entities in the Commercial Register and Non-Profit Organizations Register
  • Announcement of the annual activity report and the financial reports of the Non-profit Organization for Public Benefit Activities in the Commercial Register and the Non-profit Organizations Register
  • Termination and liquidation of non-profit legal entities
  • Internal audit of personal data protection processes and procedures
  • Staff training and preparation of all necessary documents – policies, rules, registers, notifications, sample models and alignment of non-profit legal entities with GDPR requirements
  • Specialized external Data Protection Officer service for non-profit legal entities
  • Preparation of all necessary documents in connection with the Law on Measures against Money Laundering – internal rules, training plans, instructions, declarations, etc., as well as training of the staff for identification of the real owners and for the implementation of the measures provided for by the law
  • Declaration of a beneficial owner under the Law on Measures against Money Laundering in the Commercial Register and Non-Profit Organizations Register, incl. and contact person
  • Comprehensive legal services for non-profit legal entities, as well as other forms of association such as community centers, sports organizations, denominations, cooperatives, branch organizations, chambers of commerce and trade, political parties and others
  • Legal protection and assistance before various administrative and regulatory bodies

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