The team of Kancheff, Gicheva, Marnikas & Partners Law Firm includes highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in advising and solving problems related to labor and social security law.

We provide a wide range of legal services for the benefit of both employers and employees:
  • Preparation of all types of employment contracts and job descriptions – basic employment contract, training and retraining contracts for workers and employees, employment contracts for teleworking and home work, employment contracts with enterprises providing temporary work and others
  • Preparation of all documents related to human resources management – internal rules and regulations, orders and instructions of the employer, etc.
  • Training of employees regarding the protection of personal data and the requirements of the Law on Measures against Money Laundering
  • Judicial protection of employers in connection with actions brought against them for recognition of dismissal as illegal, for payment of benefits, for work accident and professional disease, etc.
  • Legal representation of employers in cases for realization of full and limited property liability of employees, as well as for compensations in case of failure to fulfill contracts for professional qualification
  • Consultations on protection of the labor and social security rights of employees and negotiations with the employer upon termination of employment
  • Legal representation of employees in court proceedings for protection against unlawful dismissal and reinstatement of work, for unpaid remuneration and benefits under the Labor Code, for unlawful retention of the employment record, for non-issuance or untimely issuance by the employer of documents, facts, employment-related benefits for the award of occupational accident and occupational disease benefits
  • Legal advice and services relating to the employment of foreigners
  • Consultations on unemployment benefits, temporary disability and maternity benefits, etc.
  • Consultations on amendments to the legislation in the field of labor and social security law.

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