Kancheff, Gicheva, Marnikas & Partners Law Firm offers its clients a wide range of legal services and advice on civil law issues.

In the field of ​​Family Law, our team provides:
  • Consultations and preparation of Marital contracts
  • Representation before court in a divorce by mutual consent and in a divorce in the common lawsuit
  • Legal assistance in disputes concerning maintenance and exercise of parental rights
  • Legal protection in claims for the establishment and contest of origin, recognition and contest of recognition
  • Assistance in obtaining a court authorization to leave the country for minor children and for the disposal of property of minor and minor children
  • Representation in disputes for determining a larger share of the mutual property with a significant contribution of one spouse
  • Legal protection and assistance in domestic violence cases
In the field of ​​Inheritance Law, our team provides:
  • Counseling and wills
  • Consultation and assistance in the exercise of renunciation of the inheritance and acceptance of the inheritance by inventory
  • Legal protection and assistance in actions for restoration of a preserved part of the inheritance
  • Representation in inheritance lawsuits
  • Preparation of contracts for voluntary inheritance
  • Assistance in issuing a European Certificate of Succession
  • Legal advice on matters relating to inheritance by law and will
In the field of ​​Property Law, our team provides:
  • Research and analysis of the status of the property, making inquiries about the lack or presence of encumbrances on the property, as well as providing assistance in obtaining all the necessary documents for conducting real estate transactions real estate
  • Preparation of preliminary real estate sale and purchase agreements, as well as filing claims for the announcement of preliminary contracts for final, respectively protection against such claims
  • Legal assistance and preparation of the relevant documents for the establishment of limited rights in rem – right of use, right of construction, right of upgrading or arrangement and easement rights
  • Preparation of drafts of notarial acts for sale, donation, exchange and acquisition of prescription of real estate, representation before a notary public at the final conclusion of the transactions, as well as review of all documents accompanying the transaction
  • Judicial representation in disputes for the protection of property rights, tenure or limited rights in rem
  • Representation in disputes between co-owners, as well as claims for exercising the right to buy a share of a co-ownership, claims for receiving compensation from a co-owner deprived of using the co-ownership of another co-owner, claims for distribution of use of co-ownership and others
  • Legal assistance in the registration, renewal and deletion of mortgages, waivers, etc.
  • Advice on problems related to condominium ownership, as well as organization of general meetings of condominium property, legal representation on claims for annulment of illegal decisions of the general condominium assembly meeting, etc.
  • Assistance in carrying out a thorough inspection for the acquisition of immovable property under prescription, representation before a notary public and all state and municipal bodies for obtaining the necessary documents
In the field of Contract Law, our team provides:
  • Preparation of various contracts – rental contracts, loan contracts, construction contracts, contract contracts, contracts for the sale of motor vehicles and other movable property; donation contracts, etc.
  • Legal advice and drafting of power of attorney, as well as withdrawal of power of attorney
  • Legal protection, assistance and legal representation in cases related to non-performance of concluded contracts


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