Kancheff, Gicheva, Marnikas & Partners Law Firm offers its clients a wide range of legal services on Family law / Inheritance law issues.

We are extremely sensitive to a client’s real needs and our first step is always to listen to you and find out as much as possible about your unique situation.

Furthermore, our comprehensive knowledge and extensive professional experience allow us to provide clients solutions that best suit their desires and goals.

Also, our team regularly advises on cases with an international dimension in the field of Family law / Inheritance law as well as assisting international clients with a wide variety of questions about Bulgarian legal system.

In the field of ​​Family Law, our team provides:
  • Consultations and preparation of Marriage contracts
  • Representation before court in a divorce by mutual consent and in a divorce in the common lawsuit
  • Legal assistance in disputes concerning maintenance and exercise of parental rights
  • Legal protection in claims for the establishment and contest of origin, recognition and contest of recognition
  • Assistance in obtaining a court authorization to leave the country for minor children and for the disposal of property of minor and minor children
  • Representation in disputes for determining a larger share of the mutual property with a significant contribution of one spouse
  • Legal protection and assistance in domestic violence cases
In the field of ​​Inheritance Law, our team provides:
  • Counseling and wills
  • Consultation and assistance in the exercise of renunciation of the inheritance and acceptance of the inheritance by inventory
  • Legal protection and assistance in actions for restoration of a preserved part of the inheritance
  • Representation in inheritance lawsuits
  • Preparation of contracts for voluntary inheritance
  • Assistance in issuing a European Certificate of Succession
  • Legal advice on matters relating to inheritance by law and will


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