In connection with the dynamics of the labor market and the increase of foreign investments in Bulgaria, our team offers a wide range of services related to emigration law.

We offer our corporate and individual clients legal advice and assistance for:
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining a work permit in Bulgaria or for extending the work permit
  • Issuance of a work permit to employees of foreign tour operators who are posted in the Republic of Bulgaria for the purpose of controlling and coordinating the execution of a contract concluded with a Bulgarian tour operator or hotelier
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a residence permit and work permit type “Blue card of the European Union”
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining a visa for the purpose of conducting a business activity or a visa after investing in real estate or in shares of commercial companies
  • Legal advice and assistance in procedures for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship
  • Preparation of documents for residence of family members of a foreigner with long or permanent residence in Bulgaria
  • Preparation of documents for residence of foreigners – family members of Bulgarian or EU citizens
  • Legal advice and analysis of emigration law cases
  • Representation before the administrative bodies in connection with the issuance of work permits and temporary or permanent residence of foreign citizens on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Assistance and logistics for the supply of any documents issued in Bulgaria and necessary for the process of granting a visa or a permit for long or permanent residence
  • Legal representation before administrative and judicial authorities in relation to appeals against refusals to issue work permits, long or permanent residence
  • Legal protection and assistance before various administrative and regulatory bodies

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