The team of Kancheff, Gicheva, Marnikas & Partners Law Firm has extensive expertise in advising and defending the rights and interests of its clients in matters relating to contract law.

We support and help our clients to find optimal solutions for its problems.

We offer various legal services relating to contract law, some of which are:
  • Preparation and review of various types of preliminary and final contracts – contracts for the sale and / or exchange of real estate, vehicles and movable property; exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements; rental contracts; lease contracts; loan agreements; donation contracts; procurement contracts, etc.
  • Legal advice and preparation of power of attorney, as well as withdrawal of power of attorney – power of attorney for transfer of ownership of real estate, for management and disposal of motor vehicles, general and explicit powers of attorney for representation before various state and municipal bodies and offices, banks, etc.
  • Preparation of detailed analysis on contracts already concluded
  • Judicial protection, assistance and procedural representation in cases related to non-performance of concluded contracts, declaration of contracts and authorizations as null or void, announcement of concluded preliminary contracts as final, etc.
  • Legal assistance for judicial and extrajudicial termination of contracts
  • Legal protection and assistance in relation to problems relating to procurement
  • Preparation of notarial invitations, requests, applications and other documents
  • Legal assistance in the transfer of claims (cession), offsetting of counterclaims and exercising the right of detention;
  • Realization of contractual and recourse liability, claiming damages for material and / or non-material damages caused by illicit damage and damages for unjust enrichment
  • Judicial protection against fraudulent actions of debtors and collection of receivables
  • Participation in out-of-court dispute settlement negotiations
  • Legal advice and protection of consumer rights when shopping from online stores, when buying travel packages, etc.

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