The KGMP Managing Partner Att. Pepa Marnikas took part in the International Cybersecurity and Cyber ​​Policy Forum, held on 11.10.2019 in Sofia Tech Park.

The event was organized by the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection.

During the Forum, leading experts in the field of personal data protection, cybersecurity and digital matters from Bulgaria and abroad discussed the most important topics and current problems related to personal data in the digital environment.

The conference began with series of keynote lectures followed up with an in-depth discussions. The key topics of the event included the decentralization of information as a method of personal data protection, the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, cybersecurity and personal data protection, case studies of the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection, etc.

Special emphasis was placed on the transfer of personal data from EU Member States to the UK in the case of a “no-deal Brexit”.

After that, the participants were divided into several working groups. The thematic focus areas of these groups were: the personal data issues and digital marketing, the creation of video content and the personal data protection, the connection between personal data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as between personal data, freedom of expression and fake news. The regulation of the online environment had also become a topic of broad discussion.

During the event, business and public sector representatives shared their experiences and best practices in the field of digitalization and personal data processing.

Also, a Digital Matters Experts Community was established to maintain lasting relationships between the participants, to share experience and ideas, and to set out proposals for legislative changes in the field of digitalization.

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